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Matcha Teaware

Making a dreamy cup of matcha in the Breakaway style requires a few basic tools. Try to keep them altogether, in a tall pretty cup, say; that way, whenever you feel like having some matcha, you simply reach for the cup, and all the tools remain in one convenient place.

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  • Matcha Tea Tool Kit

    Matcha Tea Tool Kit

    Make things easy on yourself -- have all three tools arrive in your mailbox! You'll get a frother, a sieve, and a bamboo matcha scoop at a nice discount. Keep them all together in a cup (or in one of our beautiful tumblers) and you'll have everything you...

  • Matcha Travel Roll

    Matcha Travel Roll

    We've finally designed the perfect travel kit, and it is gorgeous -- it holds your matcha, and all the tools you need to make a perfect cup on the go. These exquisite travel rolls were made for us by the ingenious Tilden Yamamoto, in Oakland, California...

  • Matcha Scoop

    Matcha Scoop

    Made of quality purple bamboo. One large heaping scoop is roughly 1 gram, the perfect amount for one cup of matcha. Its shape is ideal for both measuring matcha and for gently pushing the matcha through the sieve.   Hand wash only. Do not soak. Not...

  • Sabun Kubo Dark Bamboo Scoop

    Sabun Kubo Dark Bamboo Scoop

    It doesn't get much more traditionally prized in Japan. Made in the town of Takayama, in Nara Prefecture, Japan's ground-zero for artisans making bamboo products for matcha since the 16th century, by one of Japan's most celebrated bamboo artisans...

  • Large Matcha Scoop

    Large Matcha Scoop

    Is our original matcha scoop just not big enough? Would you like to make what some of our customers call "DEFCON matcha"? This scoop is for you! Each heaping scoop yields roughly 3 grams of matcha. Ergonometric, attractive, and delightful to use. ...

  • Matcha Frother

    Matcha Frother

    Working directly in the tumbler, this stylish frother takes just 10 seconds or so to make perfectly frothed matcha. It produces a rich, creamy, thick green foam that, in addition to looking beautiful, aerates just the right amount of oxygen into the...

  • Matcha Sieve

    Matcha Sieve

    This elegant small sieve creates a perfectly smooth matcha brew. It's necessary to sieve matcha because it will clump up if you don't; the tea is so finely ground that static electricity in the air creates clumping, and sieving dissipates the...

  • Komakai Hammered Sieve

    Komakai Hammered Sieve

    Komakai hammered-finish sieve/matcha sifter. Features a double layered mesh with a fine mesh outside and super fine mesh inside. This makes the sieving a bit slower, but the resulting matcha that much smoother. Stainless steel. 163mm (6.4") × 75mm...

  • Coldbrew Bottle

    Coldbrew Bottle

    Need the perfect bottle for whipping up some coldbrew? Here is it. We selected these H2Go Inspire tall, thin bottles to create the perfect crema -- so much like a Guinness draft! 18 oz., made with BOROSILICATE glass, a glass first used in science labs...

  • Large Glass Storage Jar

    Large Glass Storage Jar

    The ideal way to store matcha. These violet-black jars are designed to block all UV light, and matcha seems to retain its vibrancy much longer in this UV-proof glass. Absolute highest quality glass and design. Made in Germany. 400 ml -- holds up to 150...

  • Extra Large Glass Storage Jar

    Extra Large Glass Storage Jar

    Our extra large storage jar is perfect for storing super-sized portions of matcha. These elegant, violet-black jars are designed to block all UV light, and matcha seems to retain its vibrancy much longer in this UV-proof glass. Absolute highest quality...

  • Stagg EKG Kettle

    Stagg EKG Kettle

    To fully enjoy your hyperpremium matcha experience, it's really important to get the water temperature right; you should never use water hotter than 170F, let alone boiling water -- the ideal range for matcha is between 155F (68C) and 170F (77C); the...