Why Breakaway Matcha?

  • Breakaway Matcha is more than just another tea company. We source only the highest grade matcha directly from small, family run farms in Japan. We work with these farmers to create our own custom tea blends; you won't find matcha like this anywhere else.

    If you're looking for hot matcha tea, check out our 12 amazing Hyperpremium  blends. If iced tea is more your speed, try our delicious, refreshing Coldbrew  blends. For cooking, smoothies, and lattes, our Culinary  matcha is the best. To make the perfect cup of matcha, find your favorite tumbler or matcha bowl in our ceramics  section, and then pick up a few key pieces of matcha teaware . For the most convenient option, choose one of our preassembled Selected Sets .

    New to matcha?  Learn how to make matcha, Breakaway style, with our tutorials . Our Journal  is full of information and inspiration, with pieces from a variety of talented writers. If you are interested in wholesale , fill out a quick form and we’ll get right back to you.

    Breakaway Matcha is the world's leading purveyor of high quality matcha green tea powder and matcha ceramics.

    Go beyond ceremonial.

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