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why breakaway matcha?

Breakaway Matcha is more than just another tea company. We source only the highest grade matcha directly from small, family run farms in Japan. We work with these farmers to create our own custom tea blends; you won't find matcha like this anywhere else.

If you're looking for hot matcha tea, check out our 12 amazing Hyperpremium blends. If iced tea is more your speed, try our delicious, refreshing Coldbrew blends. For cooking, smoothies, and lattes, our Culinary matcha is the best. To make the perfect cup of matcha, find your favorite tumbler or matcha bowl in our ceramics section, and then pick up a few key pieces of matcha teaware. For the most convenient option, choose one of our preassembled Selected Sets.

New to matcha? Learn how to make matcha, Breakaway style, with our tutorials. Our Journal is full of information and inspiration, with pieces from a variety of talented writers. If you are interested in wholesale, fill out a quick form and we’ll get right back to you.

Breakaway Matcha is the world's leading purveyor of high quality matcha green tea powder and matcha ceramics.

Go beyond ceremonial.

these restaurants love us

  • “Love is in the air! There is so much good about this matcha. The taste is soft and green yet holds its own.”

    Posted by Rebelranger

  • “Thanks again for selling such a great product. Your high quality, great tasting matcha has made me love matcha. It has improved my health and I look forward every day to my next cup of matcha.”

    Reviewed by Anthony

  • “The beauty of this matcha is its wonderful flavor and the fact that, after drinking, I have enough energy to get all my work done for the day.”

    Reviewed by Heather

  • “I have been drinking matcha for a few years from other purveyors. Since discovering Breakaway Matcha, I have no reason to try another again.”

    Reviewed by Kim

  • “I am not a matcha expert yet. But I know what tastes good and makes you feel good ... and this sure does.”

    Reviewed by Rob Delavega

  • “Every one of the teas I have tried here are superb! The customer service is wonderfully "off the charts" great, and the packaging and quick free shipping are just added bonuses.”

    Reviewed by Renee Albera

  • “I'm not an expert, but there is definitely a difference, and you get what you pay for. This is the most expensive matcha I've tried. That said, it's well worth it. So smooth with no bitterness. It's absolutely exquisite.”

    Reviewed by Julie Fluegel

  • “If you are going to consume any type of matcha, try any of the blends at breakaway. It's that simple. It's the best matcha on earth.”

    Reviewed by Giancarlo

  • “Every sip takes me on a journey into an enlightened state of calm wakefulness. This is a feeling I could never get from coffee or black tea. My overall health has improved a lot since drinking matcha. Thank you matcha and thank you Breakaway!”

    Reviewed by JulieAnn

  • “I had no idea that a tea could make my life better. This matcha is now part of my daily routine, and it's worth every penny. I feel energized and balanced each time I have it. Love it.”

    Reviewed by Tatiana

  • “Even in this cold weather I can't help but give in and keep drinking by coldbrew. Everything from the aroma, to the crema, to the taste while drinking and the aftertaste is... ineffable. I've never had anything like this before.”

    Reviewed by Benjamin N.

  • “Fantastic coldbrew matcha! Never really appreciated drinking matcha until I switched to Breakaway.”

    Reviewed by Scott

  • “I love this stuff - it is so creamy and delicious. Someone else said that it tastes like drinking life, and she's right. I ordered the big bag almost immediately after getting my first jar - can't run out!”

    Reviewed by Catherine

  • “Wonderful. Coffee upsets my stomach (and I hate the taste), and so this makes a perfect caffeine boost. I've tried other matchas that taste powdery, dull, and frankly, vile. This one is so fresh, bright and smooth.”

    Reviewed by Hannah

  • “This is as good as it gets. An uplifting and artfully crafted elixir. What a great gift to enjoy every day.”

    Reviewed by Joe

  • “I'm a habitual fan of the organic matcha, but try out the others occasionally and was really pleased with how unique and delightful '97' is. A very refined cup of matcha that won't disappoint.”

    Reviewed by Margaret K

  • “It gives you MAD energy, all the while keeping you deeply grounded. Breakaway Matcha is the single greatest health product I have known in my 39 years.”

    Reviewed by Dave "Yeah Dave" Romanelli

  • “Ok, folks, we're in eyes closing and rolling back in the head territory now. This is a happy matcha taste indeed.”

    Reviewed by Cammie

  • “It's possible I have developed an (un)healthy obsession with matcha tea and have tried many different matchas from other suppliers. Breakaway Matcha is by far the absolute best in terms of texture, flavor, and overall service.”

    Reviewed by Holly

  • “Even before the first drop crosses your lips, its light, fresh scent permeates your nose and there begins your wonderful journey. This tea is truly wonderful; so smooth and never bitter. Drinking it is calming yet also energizing for the taste buds. It's truly bliss in a cup!”

    Reviewed by Alisa B

  • “I drink A LOT of matcha! I have tried all of the Breakaway Matcha blends and have become obsessed with blends 97 and 99. Blends 97 and 99 are so grassy, clean, sweet and creamy. Blend 94 is beautiful as well and less expensive making it great for everyday drinking.”

    Reviewed by Renee

  • “I have been drinking matcha for a few years from other purveyors. Since discovering Breakaway Matcha, I have no reason to try another again. I started with the 93 blend, then moved on to 95 but I have to say that I like blend 97 the best so far. So smooth, no bitterness, just delicious!”

    Reviewed by Kim

  • “I've tried the Blend 94 and love it. The Blend 97, however, is an entirely different experience. There is no trace of bitterness and there was a pleasant sweetness that lingered in my mouth for a good 10 minutes after I finished my matcha. I will definitely be putting this on my Christmas list.”

    Reviewed by Ivee

  • “The COLOR, the smell...FANTASTIC! I have more clear energy, better digestion... I don't know, can a cup of Breakaway Matcha make you happy??? It's one cupful of smooth, happy, yummy bliss. I'm sold.”

    Reviewed by Lori C