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Serenity Set

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Give the gift of mindfulness and health this year with our specialty offering.

  • You'll receive your choice of a 30g jar of Breakaway Matcha blends
  • The tools you'll need to make that perfect cup (sieve, bamboo scoop, and handheld electric frother)


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Customer Reviews

  • 5

    Totally changed my morning routine

    Posted by Kayla on Nov 7, 2018

    I’m OBSESSED with this tea set. If you’re going to be drinking SUCH high quality tea, the proper tools are absolutely necessary and it was so convenient to receive both tools and tea in one beautiful bundle. I used to be exclusively a black tea drinker — literally didn’t like green tea. And now, Breakaway matcha has taken the space that my prized black tea used to be in. I’m totally converted.

  • 5

    Great product and customer service

    Posted by Lisa on Jan 14, 2018

    I bought this as a gift for a friend, and she couldn't be happier with it. I contacted Eric after ordering, as I realized I hadn't specified to remove the price from the packaging. He was quick to respond and took care of my request before shipping it. Would definitely recommend!

  • 4

    Great gift!

    Posted by Sherv on Jan 11, 2018

    My girlfriend loved the Serenity Set I got her for Christmas. She really appreciated the clarity & concision of the how-to-make-matcha video y'all produced... Still, she would've liked some indication that the sieve would be included in the box with the frother—she apparently spent some time coming up with her own jury-rigged straining method before realizing she wouldn't need it! But now she's relaxing regularly with Blend 94, which sounded like it would fit her own natural feistiness. It did—plus, it reminds her of how she used to smell fancy Japanese desserts when walking down certain New York streets.

  • 5

    The journey begins with Serenity Set

    Posted by Sara on Nov 18, 2017

    The Serenity Set has been the perfect beginning. Having all the right tools and Blend 97 made a big difference in preparing matcha for the first time. My friends said it was an acquired taste, but I liked it right away. It has made a big difference having good quality matcha and Eric's videos showing how to make a good brew.

  • 5


    Posted by Joyce on Apr 15, 2017

    Really enjoying this matcha. It has become part of my day. A wonderful discovery--thank you! Also, customer service is excellent.

  • 5

    Lovely Green Everywhere

    Posted by DiamondLVR on Mar 28, 2017

    I've never seen so much green packing material before. Beautiful presentation. The aero latte frother is awesome and works great. I received everything is this kit to make my matcha even that much better. I received the 97 matcha with this and love it. I'm new to drinking matcha and I have really enjoyed the way it makes me feel after I drink a cup. I have never been a green tea drinker until now.

  • 5

    Beautiful packaging!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 5, 2016

    I bought the Serenity tea pkg for my daughter for her birthday. She hasn't received it yet but I'm sure she will love it! You can certainly tell it was produced & wrapped with care. Spoke with Eric via email and he was very accommodating. Can't wait to give it to her!

  • 5


    Posted by Kristina on Oct 11, 2016

    I've been wanting to switch from office coffee to matcha and this kit is perfect! The tea towel keeps everything neat and the kit is small enough to tuck away in a drawer. And the added benefit of stepping away from my computer for a few minutes and indulging in such a lovely ritual is just wonderful.

  • 5

    Serenity Now...

    Posted by Whitney Arnautou on Sep 22, 2016

    My youngest daughter recently traveled across the country to begin her next great adventure and is now settled and happily adjusting to her freshman year at college. A few days after "the drop", she called to say everything was fine and that the only thing she really missed was her morning Breakaway Matcha (and the dogs.) I immediately ordered a Serenity Kit to be delivered. A few days later, I received a heartwarming photo from her of her Breakaway tea towel placed atop her desk with all the accessories to create the perfect cup of goodness. She was delighted and grateful -- as was I. Eric even included, in the happy package, a handwritten note (per my request) that said "Stay cozy and green. Love, mom"