Matcha Tea Tool Kit


Make things easy on yourself -- have all three tools arrive in your mailbox! You'll get the Aerolatte frother, the sieve, and the purple bamboo matcha scoop at a nice discount. Keep them all together in a cup (or in one of our beautiful tumblers) and you'll have everything you need to make the perfect cup of matcha, all in one convenient place!

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Customer Reviews

Matcha Tea Tool Kit

I like this kit very much, particularly the frother. It is quite powerful for a little guy!!

Amazing value

I ordered this tea kit to take my matcha to another level and it did just that! A low price, great quality, and every piece is aesthetically pleasing. Shipping was also very prompt (as fast as Amazon Prime, Wow!). In summary, if you want to achieve a great cream and flavor in your matcha at least buy this kit or a chasen. I would also highly recommend purchasing a creamer as well, the aero latte functions best in vertical centric containers.

Tool Kit is a must!

The Breakaway Matcha toolkit opened up my whole experience with matcha. I had been preparing matcha without the toolkit for a year prior to discovering the kit on the site. Well, the right tools for the right job make all the difference in the world. After getting and using the tools I really began to experience matcha made correctly. There is an enormous difference before and after getting the right tools. Now in my opinion one can never have too many toolkits. I have one in use, one in my suitcase, and another on standby.

Such a really lovely ceremony!

Love these little tools that make my monrning Matcha. Can scoop the exact amount of Matcha I want with the bamboo scoop. Love the so easy to use whisk. Didn't know March tasted so good before I found Breakaway Macha company!

Fabulous tools!

Love these little tools! Such a fun way to start the day, slightly ceremonial but oh so easy. Two little things to remember: Don't put the bamboo scoop in the dishwasher unless you want a bamboo stir stick, and if your whisk gets a little slow over time, change the batteries (I know, seems obvious, but ...) and stand back! Foam city on a fresh charge. Matcha jumping up out of the cup!

Perfect alone or better yet with the creamer!

I highly recommend the matcha tea tool kit and the creamer. The battery operated whisk makes blending matcha tea a breeze! No more clumps left in the bottom of my cup! The bamboo scoop is cool to use and measures out just the right amount of matcha. The sieve is also a must have! It fits perfectly on top of the creamer and makes sifting the matcha so easy. I resisted purchasing these items when I originally bought some matcha tea from Breakaway. I have since come to realize that they are well worth the small but extra investment of money! Needless to say, but, everything together makes all the difference in the world.

Excellent quality

All the essential tools for a great price. They are well made.

Always the best

Thanks you so much. Really like everything you do and everything works great.