Matcha Sieve


This elegant small sieve creates a perfectly smooth matcha brew. It's necessary to sieve matcha because it will clump up if you don't; the tea is so finely ground that static electricity in the air creates clumping, and sieving dissipates the static to give you a creamy, flawless cup of matcha. This sieve performs better when you don't wash it -- simply brush it clean with a toothbrush or other small brush. If you must hand wash it, dry it immediately. Not dishwasher safe.  


Aprx. 6.25" x 3"

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Sieve!

Much nicer than two others I purchased from different vendors online. Would highly recommend!

Sharp sieve!

This sieve is a looker. The screen is sharp and effective, the handle is easy to hold and store. I'm using it with a 2" Japanese tumbler cup and it's a wee bit big, but still works better than anything else I've found. So anything in the 2/5 - 3" range of cup mouth would be perfect for this sieve.

What a difference!

I have learned soooo much from the Matcha Masterclass! There really is something to sieving the matcha before blending in your hot water. What a difference it makes in the frothing! The real tell is in the last sip...smoooooth! As much as I love a bargain, I couldn't find a better sieve at a lower price anywhere! Thanks, Eric!

Best sieve you'll get for this price

My headline explains it all. Others are more expensive and not even made of stainless steel. This has lasted me for over a year and still going strong every day!