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Matcha Flights

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We've finally come up with an elegant way to package small quantities of matcha--introducing Matcha Flights! We're now offering 4-gram "flights" of matcha, in violet-black glass jars, in packs of four. These come in a custom designed matte black box with a bright green belly band, perfect for gifting. This is your chance to try all those blends you've been curious about. You can mix and match any four of our hyperpremium matchas.

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Customer Reviews

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    Perfect way to try.

    Posted by Greg Geracioti on Oct 8, 2018

    Breakaway is not cheap so this is the perfect way to try the different teas.
    It gives you the chance to compare the different price points from each other as well as similar teas from other companies.
    If your budget allows for the 93-97 range, you can also try the higher end teas that you might not wish to pay for a full jar.
    I have gone through 2 flights already, I will get a full size order I'm sure I'll get another flight down the road.
    I do have to say that I wasn't to impressed with opening an email from Eric and being addressed as "Dear Matchalings". I found that to be a bit off putting.
    I don't take it personally and it won't stop me from ordering from them, but being referred to as Matchaling caused me to dismiss the email at first.
    Sorry, back on point.
    The products a of higher quality than what I've found on Amazon etc...

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    Liquid Gold

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16, 2018

    I'm a matcha fanatic! The flights that I chose were ones on the more affordable spectrum that didn't have any description of tasting like vegetables haha. I prefer my matcha sweet with umami. My four flights are blend 99, blend 97, blend 94, and the hyperpremium organic. I tried making cold brew with them as well but because they're a little clumpier I didn't get as much flavor without using a sieve. I literally did a tongue dip taste test to try to explain the taste of each, don't worry these are all for me. Blend 97 is my absolute favorite!!! Blend 99 tastes a bit more bitter in concentration compared to blend 97. Blend 94 is light with a more neutral taste. The hyper premium organic matcha tastes earthy like the fine dirt of the mountains so to speak. They're all great with their subtleties. I am so happy that breakaway matcha offers a variety of matcha grades and I love learning about matcha cultivation. Although matcha has been around in LA for some time, I went to the first Matcha Festival in LA and I am so glad to see matcha influencing LA culture with legitimate matcha lattes, mille crepes, macarons, soft serves, and even spreads.

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    Matcha Flights

    Posted by Valerie on Jun 18, 2018

    The matcha flights are a wonderful way to compare different blends. There is enough in each perfect little blue violet jar for two satisfying bowls of matcha. I ordered 97, 100, SE and Hikari. My daily has been 99 but I have to say that may change! By way of note, the packaging is exemplary. I am keeping the handsome black box and the little jars!

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    Flights of Fancy

    Posted by Jeffrey D on Apr 7, 2018

    These things are fantastic. Breakaway Matcha has so many offerings and though it is nice to read about them, you really can't tell much about the various blends through words and as you've seen, some of them are priced such that experimentation can be a little challenging. Not a judgement. Just an observation from a low budget perspective. But with the flights, you can take a much smaller risk and taste to your heart's content. I think you are supposed to get 4 servings out of each one, but I only get two. Still, 2 servings of Daphne is a LOT better than none! :-0

    The box feels very nice in the hand. Very nice weight and balance Very nice to the touch. When you slide the band off, it will take a little effort to open the box (which is nice) and inside are nested four of the little blue jars with your selections labeled clearly on each. Take your time opening these and take your time sampling your brew. (best to open these little jars over a clean piece of paper. some of the deliciousness sticks to the inside of the lid)

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    Love the flights!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 13, 2017

    The matcha flights are a perfect way to introduce a friend to what matcha should taste like. They are also a great way to if you have a new favorite! I love that you can mix and match and pick your blends.

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    Matcha Flight - just right !

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 11, 2017

    What a perfect way to sample 4 tastes before making the next purchases. Thank you, Breakaway for your superb teas and fantastic customer service.

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    Matcha Flight Delight

    Posted by JD on Jun 5, 2017

    I have ordered matcha from Breakaway before, but it had been awhile, so I wanted to try some of the highest quality offerings. I was not disappointed! The Rikyu, SE, Hikari and Daphne are all incredible, and have been a part of pleasant vacation afternoon matcha moments. (The Daphne is truly sublime and smooth.) I will be re-ordering larger quantities in the near future . . . I just need to decide!

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    Posted by Tivian on Apr 16, 2017

    I purchased the matcha flights sample set and I am so glad that I did. Breakaway blend 99 is absolutely delicious!!! It is my favorite of the 4 that I ordered. 93 is a great everyday matcha. Overall excellent products and I will be purchasing the full sizes of 99, 97, and 93.

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    awesome product

    Posted by Ryan J. on Mar 15, 2017

    This product is great. It allows you to try the different hyper premium matcha without buying the bigger containers. All were of exceptional quality. The taste was awesome. Very good flavor and a high quality color.