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Komakai Hammered Sieve

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Komakai hammered-finish sieve/matcha sifter. Features a double layered mesh with a fine mesh outside and super fine mesh inside. This makes the sieving a bit slower, but the resulting matcha that much smoother. Stainless steel. 163mm (6.4") × 75mm (3"). Dishwasher safe, made in Japan.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5

    Hammered sieve

    Posted by DB on Apr 6, 2018

    This is an elegant sieve. It takes a little longer to sift but the reward is a finer sift of your matcha. It would be perfect for when you’re going to take your time for a premium ceremonial matcha.

  • 5

    unique sieve

    Posted by Aura Rose on Jan 4, 2018

    I have been searching for the perfect sieve for my Matcha. This one is the best in its construction and function. The super small apertures formed by the doubled mesh make it the finest sieve I've ever used. The finer I sieve my Matcha, the creamier my result, with less residue. Some sieves don't stay on the cup. this one does. The construction is super strong, stronger than any I've tried. So, it was worth a few more dollars for this contraption. thanks to breakaway for the availability of this product!