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culinary matcha

Culinary matcha is just that; matcha to be used for culinary purposes. It's vastly less expensive than the hyperpremium matcha because leaves from the entire tea plant are used (as opposed to the newest growth only), which is fine if you're planning on combining matcha with other ingredients or applying heat to it.

Here are two beautiful culinary matcha and our delicious matcha salt.


  • If you're planning on using matcha as an ingredient – that is to say, you'll be baking with it or plan to add milk, sugar, or ingredients in smoothies, lattes, frappaccinos, etc. this is the matcha you want. SHOP

  • Organic culinary is finally here! While some people enjoy this matcha as coldbrew, this gorgeous USDA organic matcha really shines in all kinds of culinary applications.  SHOP

  • Sprinkle over poached eggs and you'll never go back to eating them any other way. Give raw or cooked salads a final dusting with it, try it on broiled fish and fried tofu, or float some on top of a soup. All are culinary nirvana. SHOP