Single-Serve Coldbrew Original


Need a convenient way to make coldbrew matcha on the go?


Perfect for travel -- they weigh almost nothing and take up almost no space. Many people keep them in purses, gymbags, carry-ons, even cars! Cyclists and fitness enthusiasts love them -- coldbrew is SO much more satisfying than water when thirsty.


Each of these packets contains 1.5 grams of Coldbrew Original, the perfect amount of matcha for a 12-oz serving. Simply fill your water bottle, mason jar, or other clean jar with icy-cold water (with or without actual ice--just be sure the water is very cold), add the matcha, and shake hard for about 10 seconds. Microbubbles will begin to form and eventually create a gorgeous crema on top that resembles a Guinness draft!


Take a few with you wherever you go.


Need the perfect bottle to make coldbrew?

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Warranty: <p>Making coldbrew matcha with these packets is EASY. There are two main methods:</p>

<p><strong>Method 1:</strong> Take a mason jar, water bottle, or any clean 16oz. jar/bottle with a cap, and fill it halfway with really icy water (we like to put a bunch of ice in a pitcher, fill it with filtered water, and let it get REALLY cold). Add 1 packet matcha, shake vigorously, and pour into glasses. Or just drink right from the jar.</p>

<p><strong>Method 2:</strong> The "Blender Bottle." Simply fill it halfway with ice (with the blender ball/sieve thingy on the bottom), add the packet, fill with filtered water, and shake vigorously. That's it!</p>
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Customer Reviews

Single Serve Coldbrew Original

I love this tea! It is so refreshing and delicious, especially ice cold. The individual serving packs make it easy to transport. This is my favorite afternoon pick-up. It is also good after a workout.

Single serve cold brew Matcha

I love all of your Matchas! The convenience of the single serve is so nice, especially on workdays when time is precious. I know it is a little more expensive than buying it in the jars but there are times the convenience is worth it! I see it as a nice supplement to my jars of Matcha. Last week I was fighting a sore throat and cold Matcha was so comforting. I so appreciate your Matcha - thanks!

Refreshes my morning!

The Matcha tea refreshes my morning and brightens up my day!

Single Serve Coldbrew

Good overall matcha however freshness will vary slightly between packets. Also, I received several empty envelopes of matcha. I would rate the matcha itself a only a 3 star because of the lack of consistency, but only 1-2 stars because I received several empty envelopes.


Love my Coldbrew -- drink it daily . The best on the market.

So delicious

This is my fave to-go drink. One packet, added to my glass water bottle, one ice cube, cold water and a quick shake = frothy deliciousness that is so refreshing.

So good. So convenient!

if you want the best matcha on the go, then this is the best way to get your fix!


I love the single serve cold brew, I am able to drink matcha all day because it's so convenient to have these easy to mix packs. I love Breakaway Matcha, it's the best!!!