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Single-Serve Coldbrew Original

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Need a convenient way to make coldbrew matcha on the go?


Perfect for travel -- they weigh almost nothing and take up almost no space. Many people keep them in purses, gymbags, carry-ons, even cars! Cyclists and fitness enthusiasts love them -- coldbrew is SO much more satisfying than water when thirsty.


Each of these packets contains 1.5 grams of Coldbrew Original, the perfect amount of matcha for a 12-oz serving. Simply fill your water bottle, mason jar, or other clean jar with icy-cold water (with or without actual ice--just be sure the water is very cold), add the matcha, and shake hard for about 10 seconds. Microbubbles will begin to form and eventually create a gorgeous crema on top that resembles a Guinness draft!


Take a few with you wherever you go.


Need the perfect bottle to make coldbrew?

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Customer Reviews

  • 5

    single-serve coldbrew

    Posted by Donna on Nov 10, 2018

    Love the small pre-measured packets. great flavor and easy to make. i used 2 per 16 oz cold water.

  • 5

    Good stuff

    Posted by Aeri King on Sep 22, 2018

    I enjoy them every morning! Great stuff!

  • 5

    Coldbrew Organic

    Posted by Sherry L on Aug 19, 2018

    I love the Cold Brew Reserve the best, but I also love Coldbrew Organic, that I drink all day long for the health benefits of Breakaway Matcha, with its high quality, as its flavor it also very good. Breakaway Matcha gives me so much energy as I drink it all day long, I cannot be without it. It truly IS addictive, due to the flavor. Ordering Matcha for your friends is also a great gift of LOVE to a special friend to introduce them to this great tea AND to thank Eric for getting this tea for us all.

  • 5

    Single-Serve Coldbrew Original

    Posted by Sherry L on Aug 19, 2018

    I bought this as a GIFT to my wonderful boss who travels a lot, so she has easy-to-use form of Matcha to take to her meetings. I know she loves this. I would recommend this as a GREAT Gift for anyone who travels a lot, as well as take on Vacations. I plan to start to order some, to be able to take to restaurants to ask for just Cold Water to make my Matcha with while eating out.

  • 5

    Single serve cold brew matcha

    Posted by Angela on Aug 18, 2018

    Delicious cold brew and so convenient for travel! My drink of choice this summer. I’m obsessed!

  • 5

    Single serve cold brew

    Posted by Chris on Aug 17, 2018

    It’s fantastic! I love the ease of use, travels well, and has the best taste. There’s none better!!

  • 5

    Awesome on the go packets, great taste

    Posted by DancerForLife on Aug 7, 2018

    I purchased the single serve packets to support my matcha habit on the go. I'm very happy - the quality of the tea is great, it mixes well with water, and the packaging makes it very convenient to take anywhere. PS: I usually mix two packets into a standard 20 oz bottle of water for preferred taste. One packet was a bit too light for what I like. Thanks Breakaway Team!

  • 5


    Posted by Julie on Aug 6, 2018

    I was a loyal customer to another Matcha company that I thought had the purest Matcha...then I tried Breakaway and have never looked back. There is no better and I have tried many! The cold brew is perfect shaken in a bottle of water. Best color and taste. No need to ever look for a better Matcha! Thanks Breakaway!

  • 5

    Cold brew single serving packs

    Posted by Ellen on Jul 30, 2018

    Good taste and nice bright color in a convenient size. The instructions on the wrapper say to mix with 12 oz of water, but that dilutes the flavor way too much. I was much happier with the taste when I used less water. I enjoy matcha lattes, so I have ordered the culinary matcha and will send the single serve packs to college with my daughter for a treat. We also used this to make hot matcha, and it's good that way, too.