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Wellness at Work



Matcha Green Tea provides Wellness at WorkCan drinking matcha during work hours really enhance your work performance? YES, it can.

We specialize in helping employees and managers be at their best all day long. A cup or two (or, in our case, 3 or 4) of matcha tends to create happy workers: they’re alert yet relaxed, sated, optimally healthy, and, above all, calmly productive.

We’ll set up a “matcha station” in your kitchen or break room so that anyone can easily make a cup anytime. Ordering is simple, and reordering can be automated to suit your needs, including once-a-month (or even more frequent) shipments.

We give you full support, one-on-one matcha education and training, and exceptional customer service. Write us to see how matcha can contribute to the overall health and productivity of your organization.