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Matcha Stories


Breakaway Matcha Stories

Yoon Ha

We serve Breakaway's Blend 100 matcha. It is life-filled vibrant green with a round umami-laden flavor without any bitterness. We currently serve it much like an espresso with a lovely crema achieved with a foaming wand. And in context to our cuisine, the Blend 100 is a natural way to end the evening.

Yoon Ha, Master Sommelier, Benu Restaurant

Joi Ito


Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab

Patrick Davila

I'm proud to be able to share Breakaway Matcha with our guests, we pride ourselves with the uniqueness and excellence of all ingredients and products we use. I enjoy Blend 97 tremendously on a daily basis.

Patrick Davila, Director of Wine and Cuisine, Meadowood

Karena Man

Sipping my first cup of Blend 100. Revelatory . . . it makes me question whether I had ever known what matcha truly is.

Karena Man, San Francisco

Matthew Amster-Burton

Drinking Breakaway Matcha is like passing out in a tea garden and having a tea-infused fever dream. What grabs you about this matcha is its smoothness: brew it thick, and it drinks smooth and sweet down to the bottom of the bowl. It's hard to imagine a more satisfying matcha experience.

Matthew Amster-Burton, Seattle-based author

Marla Beck

A vivid cocktail of hyperfocus wonderfulness, it is!

Marla Beck, life coach for writers

Sussu Laaksonen

This tea is f*cking life changing. You've done an amazing thing.

Sussu Laaksonen, Finnish screenwriter

Jeff Jacobson

Blend 94 is a really zippy tea. At first sip I was surprised by how much it grabbed at my attention. There is no spicy heat to it, but it pulled at my tongue the way horseradish does. Once again, not hot, just attention-grabbing. All of the complex notes and subtle flavor hits invade your mouth after several sips. Incredible depth. In short, it came in bold and kept up a nice conversation long after I'd finished the cup of tea.

Jeff Jacobson, performance artist and faculty member, Coaches Training Institute

Noelle DeBruhl

This matcha is exquisite. A few granules of the powder got on my fingertips as I couldn't wait to open it and smell it; it is the greenest, highest, stoniest, most princesstuous magic ever!

Noelle DeBruhl, Venice, CA

Michelle Stiles

The matcha I purchased is wonderful, beyond anything I had imagined: a vivid, warm and earthy cup of creamy tea that captivates all of my senses.

Michelle Stiles, blogger

Jean Swanson

I have made my very first cup of matcha and I am blown away. I will be forever changed by this experience. I can compare it to the first time I had fresh meaty butter beans from a garden, rather than the canned ones I had known as a child, the first loaf of home baked whole grain bread, my first taste of aromatic French honey, a juicy slice of cantaloupe from an Iowa farm - these have defined and shaped my lifelong commitment to seasonal nutritious food, simply prepared. The gift of taking time to make the matcha properly, to hold it in a beautiful cup and savor its full flavor slowly is something I will look forward to as a moment to focus on the good in life, leaving aside all other thoughts.

Jean Swanson, Los Altos

Elaine Bell

I have been a matcha fan for many years, and have found there is a wide range of quality. The matcha that Eric provides is the best without question! Never a bitter taste and always smooth and creamy. It gives me a wonderful, clear feeling without the jitters I get with coffee.

Elaine Bell, Alexander teacher

Misako Kashima

I love how you are revolutionizing the way we think about matcha and making it more contemporary. The frother really does produce better crema, and sipping it from smaller ceramics makes me want to drink it everyday. I love everything about matcha; I'm genuinely excited about enjoying it in this new, casual way. And it's a fabulous alternative for non-coffee, non-alcohol people.

Misako Kashima, Berkeley

Dina Cheney

Imagine a much more creamy, velvety, complex, floral version of green teas you’ve tried, and you can begin to get a sense of this matcha’s character and allure. I don’t want to sound like a food snob, but the green tea from your local Japanese restaurant is like water when compared to high-grade matcha.

Dina Cheney, cookbook author