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The All-New Breakaway Matcha Blog

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Hello matcha fanatics! I finally got it sufficiently together to install this new blog, I’m very happy to announce. We’ll cover all kinds of matcha-related topics and news items, and I plan on keeping the posts short, and the tone conversational, even breezy. So I do hope it becomes at least of some use to everyone reading it.

Breakaway Matcha went live almost exactly a year ago, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our progress since then. Our matcha has been served in the White House, is on the VIP menu at The French Laundry, and has been featured on Daily Candy and Aha Life. If anyone has ideas for more media coverage, let us know!

We’ve worked out most of the logistical hurdles,and tried to automate as much as we could. The result is that orders are almost always shipped out on the day we get them (provided they come in before 2 pm–UPS pick up is at 3).

Thanks, thanks, and more thanks to everyone who has purchased this remarkable tea. I’m always around to answer your questions, so please take advantage of it!