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Breakaway Culinary

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If you're planning on using matcha as an ingredient--that is to say, you'll be baking with it or plan to add milk, sugar, or ingredients in smoothies, lattes, frappaccinos, etc., this is the matcha you want.

It's a robust matcha with excellent color, good umami, and imparts a very smooth "matcha" taste to dishes. It makes superb foamed milk drinks, and even makes a good matcha salt. 

There really is no compelling reason to use a better quality sipping/savory matcha for these purposes; if you'll be applying oven or stovetop heat, or will be adding fat (milk) and sweetness to it, our culinary blend is the ideal matcha.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5

    Great price, great quality

    Posted by Karan on Jan 12, 2019

    Received my first batch today. I'm very pleased with the quality of the matcha, makes great a great latte! Will be definitely ordering more in the future :)

  • 5

    Perfect economical solution!

    Posted by AJ Tedstone on Dec 20, 2018

    I'm a college student who runs on daily matcha lattes. I'm also extremely fastidious when it comes to the quality of my matcha. I used to buy small 30g tins of ceremonial-grade matcha (around $25 each), but it was becoming far too expensive since I would go through them so quickly. I'm delighted to have found Breakaway Matcha--even for their culinary grade the quality is outstanding. It's a beautiful, rich green colour and has a subtle, satisfying bitterness.

    Many thanks to Breakaway for providing a cost-effective yet high-quality option for younger folks who haven't quite made it in the world yet!

  • 5

    Posted by Anna on Dec 5, 2018

    Breakaway culinary matcha is the best for lattes and bulletproof matcha. Better than the “ceremonial” matcha sold everywhere else. And you will not find a better customer experience anywhere!

  • 5

    Matcha Tea

    Posted by Kathy on Nov 11, 2018

    Breakaway matcha is the best quality and price you will find! Excellent service too.

  • 5

    Outstanding Matcha

    Posted by Tina on Sep 3, 2018

    I am thrilled to have found Breakaway Matcha. I've been drinking the Breakaway Culinary in my daily matcha lattes for almost 6 months, and I love it! The flavor is so good. By far, the best matcha I've found!

  • 5

    high quality

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 18, 2018

    This culinary grade is better than any of the commercial ceremonial grades I’ve seen and tried. Great with almond milk or in a smoothie.

  • 5

    Coldbrew and Culinary Matcha

    Posted by Sara on Jul 8, 2018

    This is the only brand I’ve ever tried, and the only one I ever will try thanks to the amazing customer service and outstanding product of Eric Gower; his website is so simple to use and goes above and beyond to explain the differences and use. Thank you Eric!

  • 5

    Breakaway Culinary

    Posted by Judy on Jun 12, 2018

    This was my first order with Breakaway Matcha, and I was so impressed with everything about it. This matcha is far superior in color and taste to what I had previously used (which I had thought was the highest quality). Eric’s experience, expertise and focus on matcha only really shows, and his customer care (along with Teal) is wonderful. I wish all online vendors had this level of excellence.

  • 5

    Love this Culinary Matcha

    Posted by Lisa M. on May 1, 2018

    I had been a Teavana matcha drinker for years and then they closed and I had to find another source. One of the ways I enjoy matcha is in a really high quality almond milk as my drink for lunch at work.

    This culinary matcha is wonderful for that purpose! Smooth with a delicious taste! Perfect for an almond milk matcha midday.