Blend 94


A feisty, gorgeous matcha that's ready to slap you with its attitude.

Racy. Fantastic color, heady aromas, intense "matcha" taste (think strong green tea ice cream), faint twinges of bitterness (which gives it its sass).

Plenty of umami and natural sweetness means it pairs beautifully with food, especially sweets. Makes the world's best matcha salt.

If Breakaway Blend 100 is a great Burgundy along the lines of Romanee-Conti, and Breakaway Blends 99 and 97 are coveted, cult Napa cabernets, Breakaway Blend 94 is more like a "vintner's reserve" from a top producer: a beautiful epicurean experience and phenomenal value that soars above similarly priced matcha. Has verve and power, like a zen wake-up stick.

From Tawara, Uji, Kyoto Prefecture.



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Customer Reviews

Blend 94 is still better than any ceremonial matcha out there.

The Blend 94 is freakishly great. I have been drinking all types of ceremonial matcha for about 3 years. Since trying Breakaways hyperpremium matcha, I have not drank any kind of ceremonial matcha. If you are going to consume any type of matcha, try any of breakaways blends. It's that simple. It's the best matcha on earth.

A great starter matcha

I've tried many different matcha and for the price this has been one of the best. I enjoy a cup almost every morning

Just a little bitter

I've tried blend 93 and 94 so far. Blend 94 is of top quality like blend 93, and true to the description, it does have some bitterness. It is pleasant; I liken it to a dash of bitters in a cocktail, for example. It's well-balanced. That being said, bitter isn't my favorite of tastes, so I usually reserve this matcha for after dinner as a digestif. Still giving it 5 stars because this is just what I expected. Beautiful colour and the taste does linger for a minute or two after sipping.

Quality matcha

Incredible matcha! I've tried all the matcha from Breakaway and I like this one for a daily drinker. Full deep flavor without any bitterness at an affordable price. I feel very lifted after a bowl of the 94. Recommend this to anyone. Try them all!

Smooth with depth

Every sip takes me on a journey into an enlightened state of calm wakefulness. This is a feeling I could never get from coffee or black tea. My overall health has improved a lot since drinking matcha. Thank you Matcha and thank you Breakaway!

Matcha Mia

My introduction to matcha years ago, has been a journey of tasting blah to mediocre. Nothing really hit me with that wow factor. Then out of nowhere I found out about Breakaway and finally I experienced greatness! My first taste was the blend 94 and it really blew my mind. Taste is sensational and oh the crema! MATCHA MIA!!

Are you sure this is really just tea?

I am tasting blend 94, and it's not just the color which is startling, and the mouthfeel which is a little like tongue kissing a cat, and the flavor which is robust yet sophisticated like being scolded by Lauren Bacall for not kissing her hand, but it's the HIGH that is the most shocking part of the experience. Are you sure this is really just tea?

It grew on me!

The 94 was not quite what I expected at first (described as "green tea ice cream flavor but I didn't get that, just the bitterness). Using a bit less I now really enjoy it. The vegetal notes are more subtle but definitely there and the tea is very fresh - a Breakaway distinction I haven't found anywhere else. Overall very pleasant to drink with a smooth aftertaste.