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Breakaway Matcha Founder Eric Gower

Breakaway Matcha was founded in 2010 by author and chef Eric Gower, who badly wanted to drink some good matcha and couldn’t find any. Breakaway Matcha specializes in sourcing, custom blending, and distributing the highest-quality matcha on earth. We also design and offer special matcha ceramics and other teaware to enhance the enjoyment of this very special tea, and we provide ongoing support and training in matcha preparation to many of the most respected and emulated restaurants in the world.

The main goal of Breakaway Matcha is to make great matcha accessible to anyone who would like to experience a green tea that rivals great wine in complexity, nuance, and flavor, and whose health properties are legendary. Our approach is to serve matcha in a simple and modern way that invites further exploration, and to provide ongoing education in the joys – both traditional and modern – to be found in the daily drinking of this remarkable beverage.

There is no higher quality matcha in Japan's domestic market, nor in the global market. You have found it.

We look for five key characteristics in great matcha: electric color, a robust acid structure, intense umami, a very long finish, and frothability (ability to produce great crema). All of our blends have these qualities in spades.

We believe that, one day sooner than later, demand for artisanal matcha will begin to approach that of artisanal coffee, and that artisanal matcha will do for green tea what espresso did for coffee. We also believe that anyone looking for a transcendent matcha experience will buy from a trusted source that has the very best matcha and the very best service, and that Breakaway Matcha will be that trusted source.

We aim to be a kind of concierge to great matcha: we try to create outstanding client experiences. We strive to be an organization that's human, respectful, transparent, inclusive, and socially and environmentally conscious. We adore our products, and think you will, too.

About Matcha Green Tea Powder from Japan

Eric personally welcomes you into the sublime world of hyperpremium matcha, and is happy to answer any and all questions you might have. You can email him at eric (at) breakawaymatcha.com. If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to arrange a tasting, we would be honored to have a cup with you at our San Anselmo office. Just write and we'll arrange a visit.

connect with us

We live to communicate digitally, but we'd also like to meet you in person. Next time you're in San Francisco, take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and look us up; a matcha tasting awaits you if you do. Until then, let us know your thoughts here. And you can always call us too, at 415-462-3313.

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