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Kathryn Budig author and yoga teacher extraordinaire drinks

I'm allergic to coffee so I rely on the power of matcha to pick me up. Breakaway Matcha is absolutely gorgeous, whether I'm making a cup or adding it to my morning smoothie.

Kathryn Budig Author, yoga teacher extraordinaire

Our matcha is hand grown and premium quality
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Best matcha from Breakaway Matcha
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Yoga teacher Allison Hodge is another Breakaway Matcha fan

You can literally taste the thoughtfulness and love that go into a cup of Breakaway Matcha. From the sourcing to packaging and educating others on this magical green tea, the experience of preparing and drinking Breakaway Matcha is as enjoyable as its delightful taste.

Allison Hodge Yoga teacher and wellness advocate at Mindfulbites

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Patrick Davila drinks Breakaway Matcha daily

I'm proud to be able to share Breakaway Matcha with our guests. I myself drink it daily – one might say religiously.

Patrick Davila Director of Wine and Cuisine, Meadowood, Napa Valley

Quality matcha green tea is vivid green
Chef and author Rebecca Katz considers Breakaway Matcha

This bright, refreshing, green elixir of health and wellbeing is my beverage of choice to keep my immune system running strong and my brain operating at high speed. I recommend Breakaway Matcha to everyone!

Rebecca Katz, MS Founder and director of the Healing Kitchens Institute, executive chef at Faculty, Food As Medicine, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, author of The Longevity Kitchen