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  • We've finally come up with an elegant way to package small quantities of matcha--introducing Matcha Flights! We're now offering 4-gram "flights" of matcha, in violet-black glass jars, in packs of four. MORE

  • ultimate-set-1-hero-aerolatte-1.jpg

    If you're ready for the ultimate in everything Breakaway Matcha offers, this one's for you. This set includes a 30g black-violet glass jar of our signature Blend Daphne, our gorgeous, hand crafted Winter matcha bowl...MORE

  • dsc-0154.jpg

    Prefer your matcha cold? Experience the wonders of coldbrew matcha along with the ideal accoutrements. Included are 100g coldbrew matcha (blend of your choice), large black-violet glass jar...MORE

  • dsc-0868-2.jpg

    The Breakaway Nirvana Set contains a matcha blend (your choice), tea tools, some exquisite matcha salt, a set of beautiful pumice cups, and a handmade, custom-designed matcha creamer....MORE

  • dsc-0850.jpg

    Give someone some serenity this year (and a boost of mindful productivity too) with our Serenity Set: a matcha blend of your choice, the tools you need to make a perfect cup...MORE