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hyperpremium sipping matcha

You need moments of clarity and peace throughout the day. We all do.

Here's one proven way to create tiny yet crucial slices of clarity throughout the day: prepare a cup of matcha. Then sip it, slowly. You'll rally your immune system, feel energized, wake up your palate and digestive sytem, and get wildly productive. All while feeling a deep sense of calm delight.

If you are looking for the most ethereal, surreally delicious matcha in Japan's domestic market, you have found it. The four matcha below come directly from Japanese growers who are obsessed with quality. They must be tasted to be believed.

  • Matcha green tea blend 100
    Blend 100 from $2.75/cup

    Quite possibly the finest green tea in the world. The first thing you notice is the creamy body and smooth mouthfeel that resembles a perfectly pulled espresso ... MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Blend 99
    Blend 99 from $2.25/cup

    It’s as if fresh cream, young grass, baby vegetables, and cacao were blended together to create an ambrosia unlike any other. This is the taste we’d like on our last breath. From a young producer in Ogura, Uji (Kyoto) ... MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Blend 97
    Blend 97 from $1.75/cup

    Similar body and texture to Blend 99, color is wildly vibrant. Mouth entry is wondrous and seamless. The tea is sweet, with no trace of bitterness (this is rare in the matcha world). Clean and harmonious. It's surreally good ... more

  • Matcha Green Tea Blend 94
    Blend 94 from $1.20/cup

    A feisty, gorgeous matcha that's ready to slap you with its attitude. Racy. Fantastic color, heady aromas, intense "matcha" taste (think strong green tea ice cream), faint twinges of bitterness (which gives it its sass). Plenty of umami ... MORE

culinary matcha

Culinary matcha is different from hyperpremium sipping matcha. Both offer similar health benefits, but the far less-expensive culinary matcha isn't meant for drinking straight-up; think of it more as a spice that's used in cooking. If you want to cook/bake with matcha, or if you want to combine it with other ingredients (for smoothies or lattes, for example), this is the matcha you want. Never use hyperpremium sipping matcha for cooking; it's a little like using a $100 bottle of wine in a pasta sauce or sangria.

Culinary matcha must be robust enough not only to withstand the addition of fats (think cream, milk, and yogurt), sweeteners of all types, salts, grains, and many other ingredients; it should also enhance them with the clean flavor of pure green tea.

We’ve found a winning matcha that offers an attractive balance of deep green hue and intense (in a good way) “matcha” green tea flavor that is palpable even after mixing it with other ingredients and exposing it to heat.

  • Culinary Matcha

    If you're planning on using matcha as an ingredient--that is to say, you'll be baking with it or plan to add milk, sugar, or ingredients in smoothies, lattes, frappaccinos, etc. this is the matcha you want...MORE


Joi Ito Director, MIT Media Lab

When you want the real thing, look no further. We serve Breakaway Matcha to our guests as part of their nine-course tasting menu, and the response has been overwhelming. They love it, and we love it too.

Ron Siegel Executive Chef, Michael Mina

We serve the Blend 100 matcha. It is life-filled vibrant green with a round umami-laden flavor without any bitterness. We currently serve it much like an espresso with a lovely crema achieved with a foaming wand. And in the context of our cuisine, the Blend 100 is a natural way to end the evening.

Yoon Ha Sommerlier of the year,
San Francisco Magazine
and Beverage Director, Benu

I drink my daily cup of Breakaway Matcha at mid-day, just before I go to work. It’s like yoga in a cup of deliciousness: it gives me clarity and focus, calm and a deeply centered feeling - which is wildly helpful in my job as a teacher in a classroom of lively five year olds!

Rita Hurault School teacher, yogi, extraordinary home cook

This matcha is a game changer. It gives you MAD energy, all the while keeping you deeply grounded. Breakaway Matcha is the single greatest health product I have ever tried.

Dave "Yeah Dave" Romanelli Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher