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master class in matcha

If you’re new to matcha, welcome! We’re convinced that artisanal matcha is the healthiest AND tastiest beverage on the planet, and in these pages we’ll explore it from many angles. Below is a list of some the aspects of matcha we’ll cover here, with many more on the way. If you have suggestions on other matcha-related topics that merit exploration, let us know.

How To Store Matcha

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Matcha Ceramic Tea Set Single

Matcha is very delicate stuff. It doesn’t like heat, it doesn't like air, and it doesn’t like light. Once it is ground, the clock on its shelf life — about a year, under ideal conditions — starts ticking.

And that’s for unopened matcha green tea; once it’s opened, it really should be used up reasonably quickly, say within a few months, for optimum freshness, color, and taste. It will still be fine after that, especially if it's been refrigerated, but there's really no reason to “save it for a special occasion” — it's never going to get better, so it’s vastly preferable to enjoy it in its optimum state. Stale, dead matcha is no fun — drink it when it’s hypergreen and vibrant.

Matcha should either be stored in the freezer, if you plan on NOT opening it for a while, or in the fridge, once it’s opened. In both cases, use a container that’s as air-tight and light-tight as possible. Our tins were designed with this purpose in mind. Close the tin quickly once you’re done and return it to the fridge.

It’s really important to store it properly: it’s absolutely key to fostering the tea’s taste, color, umami content, frothability, and health properties.

Masterclass in Matcha

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If you're new to Breakaway Matcha, welcome! We'll get you up to speed quickly by showing you:

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