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 coldbrew matcha

Drinking matcha ice-cold is a revelation: there is nothing quite like it in terms of sheer refreshment, especially on a hot day. The rich matcha feels creamy, yet has a mere 4 calories per serving and about 25mg of caffeine, or about a quarter that of a cup of brewed coffee.

And it couldn’t be easier to prepare: simply combine coldbrew matcha with icy water – the icier, the better – in a water bottle, mason jar, or any clean bottle with a cap, and shake vigorously. We like to fill up a small pitcher with ice and filtered water, let that sit for a few minutes, and pour that very cold water (minus the ice) into our water bottle, add the matcha, and shake. We think it tastes naturally sweet on its own, but feel free to add your sweetener of choice if needed.

The proportions are 8 ounces of very cold water to 1 gram (roughly half a teaspoon), and shake vigorously. To make 16 ounces of coldbrew, use two grams (one teaspoon), and to make a quart, use 4g, or 2 teaspoons.

It will keep in the refrigerator for some time, and can be re-shaken, but it tastes best brewed up to enjoy right away.

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  • Breakaway Coldbrew Organic AA

    A dreamy organic matcha that, when shaken vigorously in a tall, skinny bottle, produces a very fine crema that remains through to the last sip. A very rare organic matcha. SHOP

  • Breakaway Coldbrew Organic A

    This lively matcha is smooth, yet has playful bite to it. It's quite grassy, and has notes of asparagus and hints of shiso. Mildly astringent with a pleasant, extended finish. SHOP

  • Umami galore makes this remarkable tea taste sweet. Has a creaminess that almost tastes milky, and, when properly prepared, creates a crema not unlike a Guinness draft. SHOP

  • Need a convenient way to make coldbrew matcha on the go? Each of these packets contains two grams of Coldbrew Original, the perfect amount of matcha for a 16-oz serving. SHOP


Joi Ito Director, MIT Media Lab

When you want the real thing, look no further. We serve Breakaway Matcha to our guests as part of their nine-course tasting menu, and the response has been overwhelming. They love it, and we love it too.

Ron Siegel Executive Chef, Michael Mina

We serve the Breakaway Blend 100 matcha. It is life-filled vibrant green with a round umami-laden flavor without any bitterness. We currently serve it much like an espresso with a lovely crema achieved with a foaming wand. And in the context of our cuisine, the Breakaway Blend 100 is a natural way to end the evening.

Yoon Ha Sommerlier of the year,
San Francisco Magazine
and Beverage Director, Benu

I drink my daily cup of Breakaway Matcha at mid-day, just before I go to work. It’s like yoga in a cup of deliciousness: it gives me clarity and focus, calm and a deeply centered feeling - which is wildly helpful in my job as a teacher in a classroom of lively five year olds!

Rita Hurault School teacher, yogi, extraordinary home cook

This matcha is a game changer. It gives you MAD energy, all the while keeping you deeply grounded. Breakaway Matcha is the single greatest health product I have ever tried.

Dave "Yeah Dave" Romanelli Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher