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matcha creamers

It's pretty unorthodox in the matcha world, but we think matcha reaches its fullest expression when frothed in a creamer with a handheld electric whisk, swirled like mad, and then poured into preheated bowls or cups.

We designed the shape of the creamer to produce the thickest and richest matcha crema (creamy foam). This meant that the creamer had to have a wider bottom to accommodate the foaming activity and taper toward the top. We asked one of our favorite ceramicists, Aletha Soule, to hand-make them for us. The shape is minimalist; nothing extra is needed, not even a handle. The glazes—eggshell and parchment—beautifully highlight the outrageous color of the matcha.

matcha bowls

We've asked several ceramicists we love to create very special matcha bowls for us. The pleasure in drinking world-class matcha from these bowls is almost boundless.

  • rare-earth-03.jpg

    Renown Berkeley ceramicist Tom Decker made these stoneware beauties especially for us by excavating part of his yard! Extremely limited quantities. SHOP

  • Matcha Bowl - Winter

    These exceptionally handsome bowls come from a family-run kiln co-op in southern Gifu Prefecture (Japan) made from clay in nearby Tokoname. Very limited supply. SHOP

  • Matcha Bowl - Tea Dust

    These lovely bowls from master ceramicist Jonathan Braun--whose handmade kiln is just up the road from Breakaway Matcha HQ here in San Anselmo, CA--bring us endless pleasure. SHOP

  • Matcha Bowl Dusk

    High-fired stoneware from Mary Mar Keenan, one of our favorite San Francisco based ceramicists. Each piece is hand-thrown with brushed on glazes, and inspired by both ancient Japan, contemporary San Francisco, and even aboriginal artwork... MORE

  • Matcha Bowl Calcium

    Drop-dead beautiful high-fired stoneware from SF-based ceramicist Mary Mar Keenan. Each piece is hand-thrown with brushed on glazes, and inspired by both ancient Japan, contemporary San Francisco, and even aboriginal artwork... MORE

  • wabisabi-6.jpg

    Ceramicist Ray Morales's talent with glazes fills us with glee. The wabisabi glaze is a drop-dead gorgeous mauve-gray dotted with robin's egg blue in unpredictable patterns. Each one is very different... MORE

  • Matcha Bowl Ray Morales - mojave

    Also from the great Ray Morales. The neutral colors in the glaze set off the matcha brilliantly. Understated and elegant. Each piece is different — please understand that these hand-thrown beauties are one-of-a-kind... MORE

  • Matcha Bowl Ray Morales blue-gray

    Another Ray Morales masterpiece. Sparse and soothing, light and beautiful. Pure delight as matcha vehicle. As with all Ray's bowls, they are all unique, so expect some variation from the images... MORE

  • Matcha Bowl - translucent porcelain

    Handmade in the UK from English bone china. Though you can see sunlight through the bowl, it's sturdy and absolutely lovely to hold. Sometimes you need the ultimate in simplicity, and this bowl is it... MORE

All In One

Our first "all in one" vessel, meant for both making matcha and drinking it.

  • versa-04-hero.gif

    The unique tapered shape not only creates stunning crema; it's a complete pleasure to drink straight from the cup, and the weight feels just right. We adore it and think you will too. Made by hand by the one and only Mary Mar Keenan, a San Francisco based ceramicist who is especially adept at bringing Japanese ceramic traditions into contemporary light. SHOP

matcha cups

We don't always want to drink matcha from bowls; these cups are sometimes the perfect selection for a more casual matcha experience.

  • Matcha Cup - Pumice

    These lovely stoneware cups--sort of halfway between a bowl and a cup--have a textured exterior and smooth-glazed interior for easy cleanup. All beverages look great in these (excellent for small portions of soup, too). Safe for dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens. From a family-run coop. SHOP

matcha tea tools

Making a dreamy cup of matcha in the breakaway style requires a few basic tools. Try to keep them altogether, in a tall pretty cup, say; that way, whenever you feel like having some matcha, you simply reach for the cup, and all the tools remain in one convenient place.

  • dsc-0882-2.jpg

    Make things easy on yourself -- have all three tools arrive in your mailbox! You'll get the frother, the sieve, and the scoop at a nice discount... MORE

  • 20160523-124727.jpg

    Working directly in the creamer, this stylish frother from Prepara takes just 10 seconds or so to make a perfectly frothed creamer of matcha. It produces a rich, creamy, thick green foam... MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Scoop

    Made of quality bamboo. One large heaping scoop is roughly 1 gram, the perfect amount for one cup of matcha... MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Large Scoop

    Is our original matcha scoop not big enough for you? Each heaping scoop yields roughly 3 grams of matcha. MORE

  • sieve-2-30984.1435918966.600.600.jpg

    This elegant small sieve creates a perfectly smooth matcha brew. It's necessary to sieve matcha because it will clump up if you don't; the tea is so finely ground that static electricity in the air creates clumping...MORE

  • Large Glass Storage Jar

    The ideal way to store matcha. These violet-black jars are designed to block all UV light, and matcha seems to retain its vibrancy much longer in this UV-proof glass... MORE

  • Coldbrew Bottle

    Need the perfect bottle for whipping up some coldbrew? Here is it. We designed these bottles to create the perfect crema -- so much like a Guinness draft! 20 oz... MORE

  • scp-6014.jpg

    We were fortunate to find this made-in-San Francisco gem from the lovely Christina Weber of Studio Patro. It's 100% linen fabric, and is absorbent, sturdy, and softens with each use... SHOP