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matcha ceramics

We think matcha reaches its fullest potential when frothed in a creamer and then poured into small, preheated cups.

These creamers and cups are designed by Breakaway Matcha founder Eric Gower and renowned ceramicist Aletha Soule, and handcrafted by Aletha, with optimal matcha making in mind.

  • Matcha Green Tea Cups

    These off-center cups are the perfect size for matcha: bigger than espresso cups, yet smaller than most teacups. Sipping matcha from these cups provides a lighter, more ethereal matcha experience than that of....MORE

  • Matcha Green Creamers Cups

    Aletha and Eric designed the shape of the creamer to produce the thickest and richest matcha crema. This meant that the creamer had to have a wider bottom to accommodate the foaming activity and taper....MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Ceramics Bundle

    Two cups and one creamer, your choice of glazes for all three. Mix and match glazes for some gorgeous asymmetry, or go for a one-color set. Your matcha will look (and taste) fantastic in these .... MORE

matcha tea tools

Making a dreamy cup of matcha in the breakaway style requires a few basic tools. Try to keep them altogether, in a tall pretty cup, say; that way, whenever you feel like having some matcha, you simply reach for the cup, and all the tools remain in one convenient place.

  • Matcha Green Tea Frother

    Working directly in the creamer, this stylish frother from Aerolatte takes just 10 seconds or so to make a perfectly frothed creamer of matcha. It produces a rich, creamy, thick green foam that, in addition to looking...MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Sieve

    This elegant small sieve creates a perfectly smooth matcha brew. It's necessary to sieve matcha because it will clump up if you don't; the tea is so finely ground that static electricity in the air creates clumping, and...MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Scoop

    Made of quality bamboo. One large heaping scoop is roughly 1 gram, the perfect amount for one cup of matcha. Its shape is ideal for both measuring matcha and for gently pushing the matcha through the sieve....MORE

  • Matcha Green Tea Tool Kit

    Make things easy on yourself -- have all three tools arrive in your mailbox! You'll get the frother, the sieve, and the scoop at discount...MORE

matcha gift sets

Make things easier on yourself and order one of our "breakaway everything" gift sets.

  • Matcha Nirvana Set
    nirvana set from $169

    The Breakaway Nirvana Set contains a matcha blend (your choice), tea tools, some exquisite matcha salt, and a set of handmade, custom-designed matcha ceramics, all wrapped up in a cotton furoshiki....MORE

  • Matcha Serenity Set
    serenity set from $79

    Give someone some serenity this year (and a boost of mindful productivity too) with our Serenity Set: a matcha blend of your choice, the tools you need to make a perfect cup, and a jar of our amazing matcha salt, all...MORE